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   The International Biocology Foundation and its practitioners offer re- education and proven, scientific information for the wellness of the human body, mind and spirit. Its focus is on empowering a higher level of health and well- being, and self- sufficiency and independence in the maintenance of superlative health. Its methods include a unique, effective system to educate and motivate seekers of health and keep them on the wellness path. Its methods give the student the proper tools to achieve and maintain the fullest health potential, vitality, equilibrium, harmony, and longevity. 

    The International Biocology Association was created to provide clarity, definition, and a wider knowledge of the teachings of biocology while counteracting misinformation perpetuated by mis-education. Some sources would misrepresent certain health information and/ or Biocology out of ignorance, others out of misguided helpfulness or monetary benefit; still others may have their own reasons to misconstrue the methods and positive results achieved by this system. We urge you to use your intelligence and common sense in approaching these new areas; rejection without investigation is ignorance, yet assuming one's knowledge to be complete without a thorough education can be a fatal error.

     If you have a question about our practices or if you read or hear something about Biocology, good or bad, that is not confirmed by a registered member of this Association, please email this society for confirmation and a response from authoritative sources. If you don't find a satisfactory explanation as to whether a given practice is in harmony with Natures Laws-- or even if think you have an understanding from other sources, it is best to consult a practitioner certified by the International Biocology Association. 

     Anyone who has received training or has been otherwise approved for membership in the International Biocology Association has signed a contract agreeing not to represent Biocology in an improper way. Without certification by this Association, no one, whether practitioner or lay person can claim to be teaching practices of biocology. 


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