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Biocology-- the most Natural Health there is!

      Long before there were doctors or even "medicine men" of any kind, our ancestors lived in a natural balance. Today, natural ways of living are so blurred by false beliefs and misinformation that we have to re-learn what was once basic. But now the vital need of a return to these ways is backed up by scientific, factual evidence and explanations.

    From the human body to the gardens of the earth, biocology looks at the physiology of life and its ecological environment, following nature closely as a guide to caring for its organisms and systems. Violating the laws of physiology results in sickness, but nature provides the cure as well. Biocology holds no corner in heroics and medical so- called cures, instead restoring balanced conditions of life in the most natural way possible. Human intellect is no match for nature's infinite wisdom. By tappping into that flow, we are led to the true cause of disease; observation, intellegence and common sense teach us how to regain health. 

       Biocology's wellness practitioners study physiology as revealed in the   physical world and the natural human body. Methods constitute the most natural and scientific, and effective health system on the planet, utilizing the natural disposition of the body in biochemical methods of healing, having stood the test of time and the personal investigation of hundreds of thousands of people.

Biocology holds that...

     There are no substitutes for right living. Health cannot be achieved by any method other than the institution of natural, healthful practices. Once the student is truly convinced, he must undergo a thorough re- education rocess for a strong grounding in the principles of Biocology. The practitioner can then assist in the integration of the practices into the lifestyle. Benefits include the ability and true freedom to make educated choices in creating and maintaining superlative wellness for the natural span of life, at extremely minimal ongoing health care costs. 

     The apparent results of so- called cures are short or sometimes longer- lived, but all heroics, in the end, must rely on the body's own inherent power; as such they deplete and often pervert that energy and will, inevitably, fail. Next time you have a cut, splinter, or bruise, do nothing, but let nature take its course. In a matter of days of longer, you will witness nature's magic taking place. The body's powers for healing are amazing, in matters great and small. Harmony is often restored by simple, natural methods, including intelligently doing nothing.

    Born of the self- sufficient health system created by nature since time immemorial, Biocology does not rely upon allopathic medicine, herbology, osteopathy, magnetic healing, chiropractic, massage, therapeutic or inorganic treatments or manipulations, supplementation, etc., whether in plants or animals. Regardless of claims to the contrary, many of these methods actually treat the symptoms rather than addressing the cause of disease, and are contrary to the laws of nature.


     Biocology builds on the basics of Natural Hygiene, but it is much more than that. It provides the most solid foundation possible for health, through deepened immersion, teachings, extended support with living examples of the body's self- healings, personal experience and deeper study as needed. Practitioners true to the basics of biocology do not treat symptoms, put forth "cures", or buy or sell products that could interfere with the body's healing and wellness processes. 


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