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      If you’ve been told you have a fatal or “incurable” condition, it could be that there’s more hope than ever for you!  This is so because over and above many more reluctant health- seekers who are getting by with violating the laws of human wellness, YOU may have received a key of precious motivation to leave the old indoctrinating precepts of medicine behind and do what it takes to become truly self- sufficient in health. For some, the cost of continuing in paths that breed disease feels like a distant possibility and but for this they may never know the vibrant wellness that could be theirs. But there are many who have successfully negated a doctors’ fatal diagnosis and gone on to live healthy, fruitful lives. You too can be one of them! Biochemical methods allow the body to do its vital work of self-repair, and that has brought about many “miracles” of healing.  Of course, we in the natural fields of health know that there is nothing “magical”: about this work— it is no more amazing than the simple healing of a cut or bruise in the course of daily life. And that can be quite amazing!

          Medical science, contrary to much popular opinion and indoctrination, does not know everything. In fact, the body is far wiser than any man- made “curing” or concoction. While not claiming to “know it all” is a helpful condition to which more and more doctors and medical professionals can now admit, they don’t go far enough to see the fallacies of medicine and curing.


        Biocology honors and relies upon the immense wisdom and providence of the human body and the biochemical methods it employs. Any one of us, even those with a heavy or “fatal” diagnosis, can tap into the power of this immense wisdom and receive a measure of its healing. Applying the knowledge of Biocology and biochemical methods, you too may be enabled to create and maintain a truly fit and vibrant wellness and live a life of superlative health far into your senior years. 

Fatal or "Incurable" Diagnoses

 Hope for the Hopeless