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Biocology in Human Health 


     Biocology is for Everyone!


Health is a totally do-it-yourself affair for humans just as it is for animals in nature. 


+ Breathe for you . + Drink for you + Make food choices and eat for you
  + Sleep for you      +   Exercise for you   + Be lovable or loving for you
      + Meet the needs of life for you  + Say YES to Life

   Overcoming and preventing sickness is no big mystery-- we simply learn the causes and discontinue them. Vibrant health and sickness-free living can be obtained through a natural, scientific, sensible and effective system. 


  The future is bright when you know you'll never have to give over power to the medical industry or be paralyzed by diagnoses' like diabetes, ulcers, psoriasis, high blood pressure, overweight, cancer, A.I.D.S, tumors, heart disease, or stroke.  How great it is to no longer be stymied by colds, headaches, upset stomach, cough, sore throat, arthritis, pain, backaches, etc.  In fact, just about any ailment can be helped by biochemical methods. 

     Take control of your life and health today -- Only you are in charge of you!   

    Biocology teaches Intelligent, Natural Physiological

         and Biochemical Methods in Health and Healing.


     There are completely natural ways to overcome ailments, often including those dubbed "incurable" or problems deemed inevitable, such as associated with aging.  You can, like others before you, save well over $1.500 annually for every member of your household and opt out of the trillion dollar a year “health care- system” that has been known to make America's health worse.


     To get the full, unimpeded story of your health and freedom from drugs, treatments and other methods that may be injurious and not as natural as may be claimed,  choose to learn and use the principles of Biocology!


      Biocology builds on the basics of natural and hygienic methods, yet it is much more than that. It provides the most solid foundation possible for health, thrugh deepened immersion, teachings, extended support and examples of self- sufficiency and deeper study as needed. Practitioners true to the basics of biocology do not treat symptoms, put forth "cures", or buy or sell products that could interfere with the body's healing and wellness processes. 

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   You can heal your body and live by purely natural methods and the power of your own will and effort, as influenced by the superior education, motivation and methods of Biocology!

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    Although the name is new, the methods of Biocology itself(TM) has been around from the beginning of time. The more systematic study of it was born in the heightened interest and research of natural health practitioners of the early 20th century.

     Biocology refers to living in the nature's proper balance, which promotes the best of gealth and human physiology.The term was inspired by and born out of the unrelenting and continuing confusion in the field of alternative medicine. For example, a highly touted book about natural cures and healing includes nearly every single path or so- called cure ever held up as being an alternative to non- natural methods. Plenty of the approaches contradicted one another and anyone who undertook all of them would be kept busy from morning to night. Many of the recommendations were radically un-natural. It is just this kind of situation, and the ever-growing supply of health practices that claim to be natural that cries out for clarity.

   Calling a method natural or saying that it supports the body’s natural healing doesn’t make it so. Biocology was born out of the need to differentiate itself from such mis- labeling. The truth is that wholly natural methods tend to be quite rare, and are not nearly as popular or accepted as those that offer the quicker, easier way. The majority of practitioners generally seem to support the notion that nature needs help from the hand of man in doing the body's healing work. Biocology, in the main refutes that idea. The human "help" put forth often slows or thwarts the body's own true and wholly natural healing ofitself.

A Quick Fix ? 
   All heroics or "cures" rely on the body's own inherent power; as such they deplete and often pervert that energy and will, inevitably, fail. These may have a place in healing, but to claim that they support the body’s natural process is often erroneous. There is no quick fix short of removing the cause of the disease or illness. and providing for the body's natural needs.

  Biocology is different ---

                            Beyond what’s Known as Natural or Hygienic.