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 Natural Ways Misunderstood

      Increasing disillusionment with the medical establishment has led to a resurgence of interest in the methods of natural and hygenic health. Due to its appearances on the web, many health seekers now have a surface knowledge of these principles. Yet many of these have but little grasp of the most basic foundation that gives weight and meaning to the neccesary vitals that underlie nature's wellness. The most dangerous ideas are those most central to the views of medicine. These ideals run deep in us. Without full understanding we remain in bondage to the profiteering and indunderstandings that have destroyed the health of many.


       From infancy to adulthood, we are mis- educated, steeped in the idea that ill- health is unavoidable. Later we’re steeped in the exclusive medical concepts taught in schools, many of them simply untrue, feeding into the idea that we need drugs and treatments, while obscuring the truths of the natural human state. Such commonly held views are ever- present and are now insistent in our psyches, wittingly and unwittingly promoted without question both by profiteers and the well- conditioned innocent.

Nature's Way

      Next time you have a cut, splinter, or bruise, do nothing, but let nature take its course. In a matter of days or longer, you will witness nature's magic taking place. The body's powers for healing are amazing, in matters great and small. Harmony is often restored by simple, natural methods, including intelligently doing nothing.

Quicker, easier methods and so-called cures neglect the all- important removal of the cause of illness. However, they are popular amongst the masses and therefore more lucrative for practitioners who are often reluctant to explore their drawbacks. It is more challenging for consultants, specialists and promoters to make a living teaching truly natural ways, and a number of them have deviated into less natural methods as pressured by the clients’ push for faster, easier results. Many continue to work under the umbrella of alternatives, claiming to be teaching nature’s way. Such descriptive terms as natural methods or natural healing are oftenwithout thought or meaning, born of mis-education and common ignorance.






The Alternative to "Alternative"

      The mediccal and misconstrued ideas or what is natural and right in health has taken a huge toll, yet are so ingrained as to insinuate themselves even into the “alternative” learning of those who choose a different or more natural way. even the most rebellious seeker of truth- in- health holds scant defense against a rhetoric that truly owns us from the cradle. The most well- educated of seekers continues to be sorely held in the clutches of the most deadly notions of a well- seated medical indoctrination, stealthy and unseen. Our mis- education is complete, utterly invisible because we're so steeped in that environment. The most vital and basic of these precepts of natural health are often those which are most understated, misunderstood and misconstrued.

  Truly natural health must call for just as much if not more unlearning as new learning that is needed. In this new model for re- education, not only do we need to know what to do, we need to know what not to do and to believe. And we need to be nearly much as steeped in it as we once were in the ways of disease and its attendant mis- beliefs. That is the mission and the challenge of Biocology.

 Beyond Hygiene


      The classics and origins of many common natural methods hold powerful underpinnings of health empowerment. Biocology builds on, explains and mines out the best of that deeper, most vital understanding. In the best of any tradition, the teacher or practitioner presents the logic of what they’ve learned to those who would investigate its truth. They lay out the tools of their knowledge and their practice. With these, the individual can decide what they themselves believe and what can work for them or not. The body's logical, amazing, awesome truth is that which wins for wellness. That truth leaves clues in effectiveness and power, and will win the hearts and minds at last. Biocology invites the sick and pained and sorrowful who seek their wellness, as well as those who may now be blessed with health, to learn and grow and join the movement of the happy, the healthy and its teachers, to help and teach and welcome others.


     Biocology builds on the basics of natural and hygienic methods, yet it is much more than that. It provides the most solid foundation possible for health, thruogh deepened immersion, teachings, extended support and examples of self- sufficiency and deeper study as needed. Practitioners true to the basics of biocology do not treat symptoms, put forth "cures", or buy or sell products that could interfere with the body's healing and wellness processes



 Biocology is different ---

    Beyond what’s known as natural or hygienic for superior, deeper understanding and empowerment.