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     Beyond Natural Health

          and Hygienic Methods

  Biocology (SM) is a Service Mark used by Biocology International and the International Biocology Foundation and their Associates.

      Biocology teaches a natural way of health beyond the norms of the world of medicine, curing and even what is known as natural health or hygiene. In spite of the claims of the marketplace, there are no remedies that can outshine the body's own internal healing. Cures, in fact, are worse than worthless in the main, as they usually treat symptoms of disease while ignoring and often adding to the causes. Drugs and many modern treatments act against the natural, healing workings of the body, causing damage in various ways including masking symptoms, thus delaying true healing. 

      Biocology offers a refreshing look at matters of wellness through re-education and support for radiant and lasting health, abundant energy, and a simpler, more natural way of living responsive to the needs of health, hope and the human heart.  


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   Nature's Way


     Next time you have a cut, splinter, or bruise, do nothing, but let nature take its course. In a matter of days or longer, you will witness nature's magic taking place. The body's powers for healing are amazing, in matters great and small. Harmony is often restored by simple, natural methods, including intelligently doing nothing.

    Quicker, easier methods and so-called cures neglect the all- important removal of the cause of illness. However, they are popular amongst the masses and therefore more lucrative for practitioners who are often reluctant to explore their drawbacks. It is more challenging for consultants, specialists and promoters to make a living teaching truly natural ways, and a number of them have deviated into less natural methods as pressured by the clients’ push for faster, easier results. Many continue to work under the umbrella of alternatives, claiming to be teaching nature’s way. Such descriptive terms as natural methods or natural healing are often routinely used without thought or meaning, born of mis-education and common ignorance.